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In the past, the dresser was an open item of furniture composed of shelving for storing the crockery and silverware that were kept for years and passed down from generation to generation. It has the same use today, although it is also used to store tablecloths and napkins. Urban lifestyles have transformed interior decoration and created innovative new designer concepts whose aim is to make the contents invisible. Fusiontables offers a selection of practical, elegant and contemporary dressers and sideboards whose finishes are a perfect match for the Fusion transformable dining table.

With candles, crockery, tablecloths and place mats... it's hard to find the room to store everything. We have created modern, designer dressers, conceived to optimise your storage space while also adding a touch of aestheticism to your interior. You will love the practicality and timeless design of our dressers and cabinets, whether you choose the small 212 cm dressers or the longer 242 cm dressers. The dresser occupies an important place in the living room, office or dining room. So it is important for it to be the perfect match for your interior and add character to your room, without clashing with the lights, benches or stools also present in your living space.

Our dressers have all the storage you need to save space, and give your room an authentic, classy feel. Adapt your sideboard yourself, by adding a triple drawer, a 60 cm door, a 30 cm door or an empty space with a central shelf. 

These multi-functional dressers allow significant space savings and are the first choice for households wanting to combine design and practicality. Let our range of premium-quality dressers inspire you, as they will embellish your decor on a daily basis.