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No we don’t. Our target was to find the best compromise between the spirit of pool game, players sensations and the ideal format to fit in the current average living room in European and American houses. The whole Fusiontables design pool table frame conception has been calculated on the 7 foot size. Changing this format should impact the whole stability calculation and the frame design, dimensions and even components. To keep this design pool table as sleek and elegant as possible, we had to limit ourselves to the existing frame. This is why any other size table is economically and technically not possible.

However we can supply this design pool table with the English 8-Pool balls equipment it is obvious that only US pool can be played following the official pool regulations. We can supply snooker reduced size balls to “match” with the table size but the pockets and the game area size won’t be matching the snooker skilled players expectations. The same way, we don’t want to offer any plug-in to convert the table into a French carambole table, as it should give a wrong mix of different game specifications. The modern pool table designer’s target was to bring the people together around a very easy game to play. This is why we try to avoid too technical and “stand alone” games.

Yes we do from Angola to Zanzibar. We need 3 weeks to produce your design pool table in our factory in Belgium or USA (stock order). Then we can ship it worldwide by road, or sea freight. We already have shipped more than 4000 tables in more than 70 countries.

Yes you can. As long as you strictly follow the assembly instructions book provided. You will be able to set the design pool  table concept up quite easily (build time = 3 hours for 2 people at least) But please keep in mind the table weight is 350 kg and the slate alone is heavy (105kg) in one piece only. It means you probably need to be 3 people to move the slate safe. Please read carefully our general sales conditions about warranty limits.  We always suggest you leave these operations to one of our experienced retailers and fitters.

The design pool table tops are just set on the frame on a smart rubber system to protect the cushions wood and to stabilize the table tops during the dinner. When you want to play, you just have to disconnect the table tops by a short move and raise them up from the table. You can put them on the wall, on the benches under the table or into the dedicated device designed into the Fusion sideboard.

All our design billiard tables are equipped by the very best supplier worldwide : Iwan Simonis. However these cloths are very high quality and are lasting longer in normal residential use, it is possible to change the cloth on the slate at any time by dismantling the cushions system.

Because the most conventional table position for having a dinner on is 75cm. When you play pool you need at least 82cm to play in right conditions. Thanks to our licensed Easy Lift system the design pool table raises in 2 seconds from 75cm to 82, 5cm and allows you to play and to dine in normal conditions.

On the diagram below you will be able to check the minimal space you need according to your cues selection.