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Fusion LED Light System

With this light and contemporary pendant lamp, the Fusion LED system allows you to create two atmospheres. During meals, the 7 white LED create a pleasantly intimate environment for your guests. When playing billiards, 14 long-life LEDs offer a stronger light to illuminate the entire table.

Economical and environmentally-friendly.

  • Consumption: 42 Watts
  • Intensity: 1050 Lumens
  • Light colour: 4000 Kelvin



  • Operates with a 200 - 240 Volt transformer and a group section switch.
  • SEC 12 - 35 V 700 mA
  • Net weight: 10 kg
  • Material: glass & metal, satin nickel finish.

The transformer and LED switch are certified EC/VDE
Dimensions: 16 cm wide / 140 cm long. The light can be positioned at a distance between 70 and 115 cm (27.5” and 45” 1/4) from the ceiling.

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