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Aramith Pro-Cup Kit

This professional kit contains four two-part pool cues that can be screwed together with stainless steel connections.  

The set of balls in this kit is of professional quality (Super Aramith Procup); there are also two different dark-wood triangles, a bridge (brass tip), a "Jim Rempe" training ball, a technical performance manual, a bottle of maintenance product and a special cloth for the balls, one ball with six red spots, a wall support for the cues, a complete repair kit, a brush for the playing surface, another brush for the cushions, a leather shaker bottle and a set of wooden tally balls. All these high-quality elements make it the very best in the range of Aramith kits for experienced pool players playing on our transformable pool table.


Balls and related items
• 1 set of Super Aramith Pro-Cup balls (including the famous 6 red dots cue ball)
• 1 Jim Rempe training ball+ manual
• 1 wooden triangle
• 1 9-ball rack
• 1 bottle of Aramith ball cleaner
• 1 Aramith micro fibre cloth

Cues and related items
• 4 two-piece billiard cues to be screwed together
• 1 two-piece bridge stick to be screwed together
• 1 bridge head
• 1 6-cue rack
• 1 Deluxe cue repair kit
• 6 Aramith chalks

Other accessories
• 1 table brush
• 1 under rail brush
• 1 leather tally shaker bottle
• 1 set of wooden tally balls
• 1 rule book

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