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Centenaire or 100TH ANNIVERSARY LINE

A century of fine Belgian craftsmanship. This is what we wanted to celebrate this year with our new Centenaire Line.

Saluc SA who pioneered 15 years ago with the launch of Fusiontables, a sleek and modern designed dining and pool table turn this year 100 years old.

Our factory located in Callenelle in Belgium, and also home of the world’s leading billiard ball brand Aramith, is run by dedicated craftspeople who combine tradition and high-tech processes to offer high-end products and innovations for many years.

From this long history of craftsmanship, Fusiontables launches today the Centenaire Line to reach out to new clients willing to have the most noble and durable materials in their interior associated with a timeless design.

This new Centenaire Line is a table top made of solid oak, the most prominent and noble essence of wood in traditional craftsmanship, and symbol of strength, longevity and endurance. Combined with a new manufacturing process, this solid oak finish is 2 cm thick to avoid any distortion despite the length of 230 cm and width of 134 cm of our billiard convertible tables. Oak, one of the most noble material you can find to build furniture, has always held a special place in the realm of high-quality furniture. With these new tops, Fusiontables combines tradition and innovation, honoring its hundred-year heritage. The beveled edges in "aircraft wing" style, also known as Swiss edge in the furniture industry, add a touch of modernity to this classic material while accentuating its authentic character.

But there's more to it: Saluc has developed an exclusive system to combat the natural wood deformation, ensuring that your FusionTable top retains its timeless elegance. It's more than just a piece of furniture; it's a work of art that stands the test of time. As you lay your hand on the Centenaire European oak table tops, you'll discover an unparalleled touch. The wood's softness and warmth provide a sense of comfort and luxury with every use. The clean lines of the beveled edges add visual elegance, while the robust structure guarantees enduring durability. This unique concept marries history and modernity, quality craftsmanship and sophistication, all within a design that will captivate even the most skeptical.

This line enriches a portfolio of 800 finishes available at Fusiontables making these tables both suitable for dining room or meeting rooms. All the Fusiontables are provided with billiard cloths from Iwan Simonis and billiard balls from Aramith.

Fusiontables also offers a wide variety of accessories and pieces of furnitures to sublimate your table and match your interior.